If you’re shifting to the realm of PC gaming, or you’re gaming community exclusively prefers broadening the horizons, or you’re shifting from a console gaming sector to PC gaming, then there are a few things that you ought to keep in mind, for a better and a memorable experience.

In this article, we’ve highlighted those essential tips for all the PC Gamers or aspiring PC gaming professionals. Stick around till the end to know all the critical gaming tips.

Download Steam

Many professional gamers believe that Steam is one of the best ways to play online video games. It is essentially a digital distribution that ensures that the players always get all the updates and every other detail of the game, immediately after their release. It also keeps up with all the software features like groups, messaging, etc., up to date. It is also famous for automatically updating your game.

Download Steam

Check Reddit

In case you’re not subscribed to Steam, and you missed an update, then always keep tabs with Updates on Reddit. It can also provide excellent deals on all the PC games.

The Refund option of the game

Always make use of the refund option in a game. Earlier, the Steam also introduced another interesting feature called “Steam Refunds”. If you’re unhappy with a game before 30 days of purchase or if you’ve played less than 2 hours of the game, then you’re probably eligible for a refund.  Make sure you skim through the rules and regulations and also the terms and conditions before you actually plan on refunding your game.


Clean PC

By clean PC, we literally mean clean PC. It is essential to keep your PC running at the highest compatibility and form, but on a lower heat. Hence, clean your PC from all the inside dust, hair, small particles etc. You can get this done professionally, or clean it by yourself using air to blow out the dirt, using compressed air. Avoid using a vacuum for this purpose, as it creates a static that is capable of blowing your computers’ components to your mouth.

Play with settings

Regardless of the hardware, you’re using; don’t hesitate to play around with the setting present in-game. It has nothing to do with your games’ hardware or software. Some of the in-game features offered by the game itself are essential in running the game smoothly and also helps in better performance of the game.


Gaming booster apps

Don’t bother to get your hands on the gaming booster applications. Most of the times, these applications do not work. You could get more tasks done, barely by using a windows task manager tool, instead of paying for these additional applications. Sometimes, these applications also get banned from Steam, since they’re interpreted as hostile programs inside the applications.