For Berzerk Studios, the Bivouac is not only a great occasion to meet talented developers, but also a great way to improve our own working methods. We will definitely not miss the event this year.

Berzerk Studio

Simon Lachance co-founder of Berzerk Studio

The Bivouac is the perfect event to experiment with new gaming concepts, without worrying about the usual corporate constraints. Every year we look forward to the Bivouac, where we can take it easy and meet other developers!

Paolo Pedercini

Paolo Pedercini is an Italian game developer, artist and educator. He teaches digital media production and experimental game design at the School of Art at Carnegie Mellon University. Since 2003 he works under the project name “Molleindustria” producing provocative games addressing various social issues such as environmentalism, food politics, religion, labor and gender.

Ramiro Corbetta

Ramiro Corbetta is a New York-based independent game developer. He is the creator of the minimalist digital sports game Hokra, which has been displayed at over a dozen festivals and art spaces in North America and Europe. He also designed Glow Artisan, winner of the 2010 Independent Games Festival award for best mobile game design.

Zach Gage

Zach Gage is a designer, programmer, educator and conceptual artist from New York City. His work explores the increasingly blurring line between the physical and the digital. He has exhibited internationally and his work has been featured in several online and printed publications, including The New York Times Magazine, EDGE Magazine and Das Spiel und seine Grenzen.