Although in this fast-paced- internet world, there are tons of sources of entertainment, gaming still remains as the top priority for all the gaming lovers. The introduction to online gaming sites, with the introduction to enhancement in the field of e-sports, has lead people to, not only enhance their income but also consider gaming as a profession.

On the other side of the coin are the gaming enthusiasts that have just set their foot into the gaming realm, and they wish to win in the vast ocean of online gaming. This article is for all those newbies that are seeking some tips and help to enhance their gaming skills and ultimately become a professional, or at least a better gamers than what they used to be yesterday.

Without further ado, let’s dig in!

Buy the right gear

Although you’re still in the learning phase, it wouldn’t hurt to play with the best equipment in the market. If anything, it can only enhance your gaming experience. Hence, possess the right kind of monitor, gaming mouse, keypad, sound system, etc. It’s critical to make sure you get the best gaming motherboard you can afford. Bleak systems and devices not only hamper the experience but also prevent you from learning in the right manner.

Focus on what you want

Whether you’re a mobile gamer, console gamer or desktop gamers, you ought to focus on what exactly you want- this also includes having a vision about the games you wish to play and also the mode in which you’re comfortable. It is a no-brainer that time is extremely crucial in becoming something. For instance, if you love to handle a specific role in a game, then concentrate on that role and spent most of your time playing that role.

Better Gamer

Practice with and against good players

It is better to follow the footsteps of a lion than to lead a heard of sheep. By this we mean, it is always better to play with or play against professional players, than to play with aperture. At the end of the day, you have to gain some knowledge or at least one new thing every day. Hence, always fetch for an opportunity to learn from the professional and experienced players. This can help you see different aspects of the game and apply new strategies to the game.

Watch tutorials

Nowadays, platforms like youtube and twitch stream live games of people playing a match of a specific tournament. Hence, by watching those matches, you can also improve your skills and gain some knowledge on how to handle situations.

Possess the right gear

Bottom Line

Online gaming is considered as a field of professionalism. Gone are those days where people considered it to be a waste of time. Now, with the right skills and proper knowledge in the field, you can even earn a living from participating in the online events and the esports events, that is gaining a lot of traction and crowd response in the recent years.

If you are planning to create your own gaming channel on platforms like Twitch or YouTube Gaming, you need to make sure that you are prepared for it. First, you will need streaming software like OBS. Make sure that your PC is powerful enough to support both streaming and gaming together. You will need a quality microphone and a webcam to connect with your audience and respond to their questions. You will need a comfortable chair to rest your back properly while you are streaming continuously for hours. You will also need video editing software to clip good moments from your game and make a montage of your skills later on.

The life of a gamer is something that leaves everyone interested and curious to know more about all that is going on. Be it the different games or the many features that it brings to the table, a gamer’s life is filled with many ingredients. But that alone cannot develop their skills because being a good gamer is about spending the right time to understand the game and doing all that is necessary to complete the required mission. So to help you out, we are here with a few tips that will help you become a better gamer.


Games require time and practice to master because you need to get a hold of things and understand the purpose of each mission as it comes forward. While some people get used to things within a matter of time, others tend to take their own time to develop the right form of understanding. But that need not determine your progress because practicing should always be carried forward with the utmost sign of patience and the will to go on until you have mastered the art.


The Rules

Rules tend to change based on the game you are playing as they all have something different to offer. Due to that, you need to first learn the rules and then think about exploiting the same to your benefit. Going ahead to play the game without knowing anything about the rules is a huge mistake, and you should never think about committing the same. So take your time and read about the rules before learning ways to top the game.

Play Against the Best

Gamers often have competitions in order to determine the better player from the group. While these competitions end with a particular winner, they tend to provide experience to all who participated. Thanks to that, you need to play against other gamers and understand what their skills seem like. By getting a proper picture of it, you can go ahead to develop your own skills and change things in the right direction. Hence, you need to explore the many opportunities that come from playing with the best.

Take a Break

Constant gaming is not the right thing to do nor the right way to develop your skills. As a result, you need to take a break and get some load off your shoulders by going ahead to perform another activity. In this manner, you can come back feeling refreshed and start things in style. By doing so, you might be able to stay focused while you’re gaming because it is not something that you are doing all the time. Hence, take a step back when the moment is right.

If you’re shifting to the realm of PC gaming, or you’re gaming community exclusively prefers broadening the horizons, or you’re shifting from a console gaming sector to PC gaming, then there are a few things that you ought to keep in mind, for a better and a memorable experience.

In this article, we’ve highlighted those essential tips for all the PC Gamers or aspiring PC gaming professionals. Stick around till the end to know all the critical gaming tips.

Download Steam

Many professional gamers believe that Steam is one of the best ways to play online video games. It is essentially a digital distribution that ensures that the players always get all the updates and every other detail of the game, immediately after their release. It also keeps up with all the software features like groups, messaging, etc., up to date. It is also famous for automatically updating your game.

Download Steam

Check Reddit

In case you’re not subscribed to Steam, and you missed an update, then always keep tabs with Updates on Reddit. It can also provide excellent deals on all the PC games.

The Refund option of the game

Always make use of the refund option in a game. Earlier, the Steam also introduced another interesting feature called “Steam Refunds”. If you’re unhappy with a game before 30 days of purchase or if you’ve played less than 2 hours of the game, then you’re probably eligible for a refund.  Make sure you skim through the rules and regulations and also the terms and conditions before you actually plan on refunding your game.


Clean PC

By clean PC, we literally mean clean PC. It is essential to keep your PC running at the highest compatibility and form, but on a lower heat. Hence, clean your PC from all the inside dust, hair, small particles etc. You can get this done professionally, or clean it by yourself using air to blow out the dirt, using compressed air. Avoid using a vacuum for this purpose, as it creates a static that is capable of blowing your computers’ components to your mouth.

Play with settings

Regardless of the hardware, you’re using; don’t hesitate to play around with the setting present in-game. It has nothing to do with your games’ hardware or software. Some of the in-game features offered by the game itself are essential in running the game smoothly and also helps in better performance of the game.


Gaming booster apps

Don’t bother to get your hands on the gaming booster applications. Most of the times, these applications do not work. You could get more tasks done, barely by using a windows task manager tool, instead of paying for these additional applications. Sometimes, these applications also get banned from Steam, since they’re interpreted as hostile programs inside the applications.

Improving your skills at gaming is not an easy job that can be completed within a fortnight. It is a time-consuming process, and one needs to learn more about it before going ahead to do what they believe is right. So to avoid any form of confusion and to help you start the process in style, we have come forward with a few tips to improve your gaming skills and take things to head in the right direction. Hence, here are the many tips to improve your gaming skills.

Customizing Controls

Professional gamers tend to handle controls and make it go their way. They always edit the same and choose the option that makes them comfortable. As a result, they will be able to game in a better manner and take things forward. Due to that, you need to customize your controls and choose options that are suited for your needs. In this manner, the outcome will be favourable, and you would have set the stage to grab all that is possible.


Using Headphones

Headphones produce a unique form of clarity, and it is something that can enrich the experience. As a result, using your headphones will indeed brighten things up and help your game in a better manner. You will be more focused on the screen and understand the required set of procedures that need to be implemented. With this particular aspect being a part of the picture, you can stand to make the most of your gaming experience.

Change Your Mouse or Controller

The tools you use for gaming are equally important as they either assist you or make it difficult for you to game. Due to that, you need to change them if you feel that your mouse or the controller is hindering your progress. Gamers often come across this problem, and their skills tend to get affected by it. So to avoid such problems, it is always better to explore the market and find the tools that are best suited for your purpose. Even if the process is time-consuming, you need to give it a shot.


Play Against Others

Bringing another gamer into the mix will surely help you out to a considerable extent. It is a crucial way to develop your skills and push forward your moves on your opponent. Whether you lose or win, you would have come out learning a thing or two, and that is more important than the rest. So call the experts that you know and go ahead to set up matches against them because you need to keep learning till you develop the skills that are required in order to progress in the world of gaming.